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Programme de soutien à la recherche (PSR) / Soutien à des initiatives internationales de recherche et d’innovation

Canada’s large and dynamic Italo-Canadian community is particularly interested and engaged in all aspects – cultural, social, economic and political – of Canada-Italy bilateral relations. In this vein, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) offers a variety of grants and scholarships open to Italian citizens and organizations in order to nurther the relationship further.


Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) is responsible for the Government of Canada’s participation in major International Scholarship Programs. DFAIT provides support to international scholars in Canada, which is often reciprocated by foreign governments which support Canadian scholars in their countries.

Some of the highly coveted scholarshipsavailable include:

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship:

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships:

For a listing of scholarships offered by the Government of Canada, please consult the online database at

The Understanding Canada Program consists of a comprehensive set of grants designed to enable foreign international academics to develop and teach courses about Canada, or to undertake research in their own discipline about an aspect of Canada, leading to publication in Canadian and foreign scholarly presses. With a view of fostering international linkages, many of the program components found under the umbrella of the Understanding Canada Program allow for collaboration between Italian and Canadian academics, researchers and higher education institutions.

Canadian Studies programmes in Italy are well developed and supported by the Italian Association for Canadian Studies (IACS). The Association organizes regular conferences and counts more than 200 members. Its network comprises five centres of Canadian Studies within the universities of Bologna, Genoa, Naples, Siena, Udine and an inter-university centre of Quebec Studies headquartered in Bologna.

Grants are available for both Italian citizens and Italian institutions/organizations. Here a some of the programs available:


International Research Linkages (IRL): Designed to facilitate international collaborative research by providing assistance to teams of researchers from Canada and one or more countries in order to organize seminars or other forms of research linkages.

Faculty Enrichment Program (FEP): Designed to enable foreign academic award holders to gather the necessary information and material on Canada to devise a new course on Canada, or to modify or extend significantly the Canadian component of an existing course.

Faculty Research Program (FRP): Designed to assist individual foreign academics in higher education institutions to undertake short term research about Canada or on an aspect of Canada’s bilateral or multilateral relations.

Doctoral Student Rsearch Award (DSRA): Designed to assist full-time graduate students at degree-granting institutions of higher education, whose dissertations are related in substantial part to Canada, to undertake doctoral research about an aspect related to Canada.

Canada-Europe Awards in Canadian Studies (CEA): Designed to support scholars in universities or research institutes in the European region to undertake short term research, including collaborative research, contributing to the understanding of bilateral and multilateral relations between Canada and this region.


Canada Conference Grant: Designed to support conferences that address important and timely issues about Canada, its relationship with a country or a region, and/or its foreign policy. The program is designed to assist a teaching or research institution or other organization in holding a conference and publishing the resulting papers and proceedings in a scholarly fashion. We also encourage projects that include collaboration wth researchers at Canadian institutions.

Applicants may request funding up to $20,000.

Applications need to be submitted to the local Canadian mission by the 1st of May of each year for the first round and the 1st of December of each year for the second round. Late applications will not be considered.

Student Mobility Support Program: Designed to support short term initiatives involving exchanges, study tours, internships, scholarships, etc., in Canada, and is intended for international students to advance their understanding of Canada in those areas of interest to Canada or in areas of shared policy challenges between Canada and the international student’s country. Projects including elements of reciprocity (i.e. Receiving young Canadians in Italy also) are also welcome.

Applicants may request funding up to $10,000.

Applications need to be submitted to the local Canadian mission by February 1st , for events happening after April 1st. Late applications will not be considered.

For detailed information about the program please visit

You may also contact Ms. Enrica Abbate at the Canadian Embassy in Rome for additional information.

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