Alternative Ways to Earn a Living With Teaching Certificates

You may have worked hard to earn your education degree and teaching certificates, and you may have spent many years teaching in the classroom. In addition, you may have completed many teach training programs and attended countless teacher professional development seminars. With so much education, training and experience in your field, the last thing you may want to do is to start fresh in a new field. However, many teachers want to move away from instructing in the classroom for a number of reasons. Some may be burnt out, and others may be looking for higher, year-round income. Regardless of the reasons why you are looking for a new career opportunity in teaching, rest assured that there are several opportunities you can pursue.

Be a Tutor
Many teachers make a smooth and easy transition to becoming a tutor. Some will work for a professional tutoring company to enjoy stable income with steady work hours. Others may tutor students over the summer months to earn income in between school years. You may offer tutoring on a college campus as well. You may even be able to tutor working professionals, such as those who want to learn a foreign language. There are many opportunities available in tutoring, and many teachers are able to earn a full-time income with this career option.

Writing Educational Materials
If you have a knack for writing, you may benefit from working for an educational materials company. This opportunity may have you editing textbooks before they are published, writing and answering test questions, creating math problems and answer solutions and much more. Some of these opportunities are even work-from-home opportunities. Consider checking the websites for major educational materials companies you are familiar with to see if any opportunities match your credentials.

Online Teaching Opportunities
With the popularity of the Internet, it may not be surprising to learn that there are many online teaching opportunities available. These may be for online colleges as well as for elementary, intermediate and high school education. Some allow you to communicate directly with students through live video chat sessions, and others may have you record lessons that will be watched at a later date by students.

There are numerous ways for you to earn a living using your teaching certificates and teacher professional development, and these are only a few of the options. Consider what your ideal work situation may be, such as if you prefer to work in an office, if you want to continue teaching in a different environment or if you want to work from home. With so many options available, you can easily find the right solution for your needs. To learn more, please visit Western University Faculty of Education for additional information, resources and references.
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