The Italian Scientific Community in Canada (CSIC) is the first Canadian Association founded by Italian researchers, with the purpose of promoting a network between Quebec and Italy. From the first meetings in 2005, the association counts the participation of more than two hundred researchers. CSIC develops a cooperative environment between students, researchers and professionals, who operate in Quebec and in Italy. For this purpose, various activities (i.e. conferences, seminars, round tables) are organized embracing different interdisciplinary areas: human sciences, social sciences, natural science, informatics, medicine, engineering.

In 2008 CSIC was registered as no profit association. A good part of the association is formed by Italian professors, researchers and students who chose to do research in Quebec universities, such as McGill, Universitè de Montreal, Universitè du Québec à Montréal and Concordia University. Along with them, a small group of entrepreneurs, with university formation in Italy and in Quebec, cooperate with the association to create a link between academic and industrial realities.

The association aims to develop a network between Italy and Quebec. In fact, the group supports Italian researchers who wish to come in Quebec (or just came in Quebec) as well as Quebec researchers who want to have an experience in Italian universities.

Periodic activities: research seminars
Once a month, a seminar is given by one of the affiliated researchers or a visiting one.

Yearly activities: international seminar
With the support of the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa, once a year, CSIC organize the international seminar for a researcher affiliated to an Italian university, who has the opportunity to present his/her research in the various universities in Montreal and surroundings.
Keynote 2009: Prof. Antonio Giordano (medicine)
Keynote 2010: Prof. Bruno Siciliano (engineering)

Scholarships project
The association is collecting funds from Italian sponsors in order to offer scholarships to Italian students in Quebec and/or to Quebec students who want to study in Italy.

Contact: wpsnowwolf@gmail.com

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